ZenEdit is the premiere visual editor for your Zendrum!

Never before has it been this easy to optimize your Zendrum for your own personal playing style.

With ZenEdit, all the editing you could do on your Zendrum you can now do from the comfort of your PC or Macintosh, with an easy-to-use visual editor.

But that’s not all! ZenEdit goes beyond basic editing and unlocks hidden features of your Zendrum that you can access no other way!
ZenEdit allows you to take complete control over your Zendrum!

What Can ZenEdit Do For Your Zendrum?
Zendrum Alone With ZenEdit
Edit basic parameters
Make complete copies of setups
Copy selected portions of setups
Use non-sequential crossfade notes
Modify crossfade locations
Per trigger response curves
Per trigger noise floor
Per trigger max velocity
Edit multiple triggers at once
Swap trigger settings
Edit note duration
Pitch Bend, Channel Pressure, Program Change and more!


In addition to these exclusive features, ZenEdit also gives you all the features you would expect in a modern editor, such as:

  • Ability to create custom trigger layouts.
  • Annotation abilities for triggers, CCs and user setups.
  • Ability to archive and manage various setups, and to easily share setups with friends.
  • Use the actual drum and instrument names from your module or software rather than entering in numbers.
  • Easily copy triggers and settings between setups and files.
  • Swap triggers around within a setup for easier layout experimentation.

Take the hassle out of programming your Zendrum, and unlock its hidden powers, with ZenEdit!

Get started today! Download the demo and take ZenEdit for a spin. Your poor Zendrum has gone long enough without it!