Major release, 2.4.0

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The latest version of ZenEdit adds a number of features and fixes, but also manages to shrink the installer in size by 20%.

Highlights of this new release are:

Zendrum EXP — full support for this new model is now baked right in.

Overhauled Visual Appearance — ZenEdit now makes it much easier to match the onscreen representation to your physical Zendrum. You choose the type wood, the color, logo and any sunburst effects. All popular choices are available, but let me know if you have something else you’d like to see added.

Scales — Lot’s of improvements here, starting with improved accuracy in determining intervals for each scale type, better smarts around when to show a sharp or flat and a visual representation of note length on each trigger. New in this release is also support for crossfading scale notes. This allows you to do things like select separate octaves based on how hard you hit a trigger.
Improved dragging of scale notes and only showing scale toolbar when relevant.
Also changed the way octave selection works. It now affects all intervals from the scale. To use multiple octaves you must now use multiple scales.

Fixes — there was a problem with renaming Setups from within the ‘rearrange setups’ dialog which has been sorted out.

Improved home screen — modified the layout of the individual pods and have adjusted fonts and background alphas to improve readability.