Version 2.6.5 released

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Notes on this release:

– Adding the new ZMPXL model.
– Updating the ZMF model.
– Adding support for Pearl Redbox.
– Adding support for Simmons SD5X and SD1000.
– Correcting issues with the MRU list.
– Various small fixes.

how to permanently select “ALL” category?

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In the last couple of versions, editing a pad’s assignment requires me to first select the pad’s new category. A mouse-based interface is always more taxing on the user, and this new modal behavior is never preferred and causes quite a few extra mouse clicks. How do I just have ZenEdit default to “ALL” every time, like it used to?

Actually, wouldn’t ZenEdit be better, at least for experienced users, if there were a keyboard interface? If you could arrow around the array of pads and type numbers for the note assignments, the software would be much easier to use.

Will not update or install 2.6.4

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I was running an older software version of ZenEdit 2 on 64-bit Windows 7 Professional, but it had a few quirks like randomly failing to transmit or receive sysex on occasion and also the program would randomly close. It would shutdown the program every time

I tried to download the update. I uninstalled the older version, downloaded 2.6.4 and it will not install. It just closes immediately and shows no open processes or applications. I tried running it with admin permissions under all of the older operating system emulation settings. I have also tried all of the troubleshooting options with no luck… Any suggestions?


how to fully uninstall?

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I want to clean install ZenEdit to try to solve a problem. When I uninstall it through Windows, and then reinstall with the installer, it still shows me as registered and still shows entries in recent files. How do you wipe ZenEdit from the computer?