Expression MIDI CC range?

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I’m using a Zendrum LT with a Nord Drum 2. The ND2 doesn’t have a specific hi-hat control input but it does have MIDI. My thought was to use the expression input on my Zendrum to control the decay time of my hi-hat sound. The difficulty with the ND2 though is that a single parameter is used to select both a decay type (Exp, Lin, and Gate) as well as the decay time with a range of CC values used for each. So what I’d need to do within my Zendrum is specify a CC# for the expression output as well as a minimum and maximum value. That way the MIDI value won’t cross over into other decay types. For now I’m using a bridging MIDI device to do the work but I’d like to eliminate it for simplification. Can Zenedit do this?