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Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

I’ve used the wizard and initiated a configuration to use with BFD3. Then, I’ve moved things around, assigned different instruments to triggers, etc. The problem is this:

There are not enough instruments for my EXP.

There are five cymbals — that’s great, I’m using them.
There are six toms!
There is really only one HighHat — the sounds seem to be somewhat connected. This is fine, I can assign different modes to a couple of triggers – works fine.
There is also really only one Snare and Ride — same thing.
There is one kick.
And the real problem — there are only TWO percussion pieces listed.

So, I program six Toms, five cymbals, and use two triggers for hats and two for snares and two for kicks. I’m at 17 triggers. I want to add some bells, some hand-percussion, a couple different tambourines, blocks, shakers to other triggers, but even if I try to use some “unused” things (ride bell, tom rim, etc.), they are tied to whatever instrument I select in BFD3 for the primary instrument.

So, how can I add about 20 percussion pieces to the configuration so that I can assign instruments to them in BFD3?