Version 2.10.0 released (Mac OSX only)

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No new features are included in this fix.
Main difference between this and the previous version is that the low-level MIDI framework has been rewritten as a 64-bit binary in order to function in Adobe AIR 20 or greater.

ZenEdit for Windows remains at version 2.9.0 and is functionally equivalent to the 2.10.0 Mac version.

Troubles with Adobe AIR 20 (Mac OS only)

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There have been confirmed reports of the application failing to launch once Adobe AIR version 20 has been installed. These problems may or not persist when subsequently downgrading to a previous version (such as AIR 19).

The underlying issue seems to be the switch from 32 to a 64-bit only runtime environment in AIR 20. While the majority of ZenEdit works in either environment, the low-level MIDI functionality is compiled as a 32-bit shared object (SO) to function as an AIR runtime extension (ANE).

We are working on a fix involving moving the MIDI codebase over to a 64-bit compiler. This will likely mean that in the future we will only be supporting AIR 20 or higher on Mac OS.

The Windows version of ZenEdit does not appear to be impacted by these changes at this time.

All future information on this issue will be posted below.