ZenEdit on Windows 10

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Currently running ZenEdit 2.7.0 on a Zendrumdrive with Windows 7. I’ve been hesitant to reconnect to the internet for fear that Windows 10 will try to automatically update my ZDD. With the free Windows 10 update due to expire in July, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should update the ZDD to Windows 10.

Question 1: Will ZenEdit work with Windows 10 (the download page only cites 7/8)?

Question 2: Native Instruments has stated on their website that Battery 3 is fully compatible with Windows 10. Has anyone experienced any issues with B3 when they upgraded to Windows 10?

Thank you in advance.

Multiple Computers

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I finally got my Z4 upgrade and I am looking at getting the Zen Edit program. My question is that I have both a laptop computer and a MacBook Pro. Can I download Zen Edit and install it on both computers without having to purchase it twice? Is it one download per computer?