Latest Chrome Breaks MIDI Support

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Chrome version 66 has apparently broken the Web MIDI support that the Stompblock client relies on.

We are looking into workarounds for this issue, but if you depend on the interface, you might want to hold off updating Chrome for the time being.

I’ll post any further information as soon as it is available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

** UPDATE **
The latest version of Opera is still working. Although it uses Chromium under the hood, it’s still at version 65 and isn’t suffering from the issues that Chrome 66 has. Installing Opera is a viable workaround in the short term until we sort out what’s going on with Chrome, though if they release a newer version of Opera it’ll likely have the same issue.

** UPDATE2 **
A workaround is now in place and the client is working in Chrome 66 as of version 5.3

Restomp update available

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Restomp version 1.5 is now available for download.
This version includes a correction to the Pan filter, and also adds new Delay and Phaser filters.

If you’re on macOS, the app should alert you of the update the next time you launch it. Windows users should download and install the update manually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Restomp is now available!

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Great news! The Restomp application is now available for purchase and download at!

Restomp is the perfect companion for your Zendrum Stompblock. It makes loading custom samples into your Stompblock a snap!

It also enables you to fully leverage the multi-bank capabilities of your Stompblock to double the available instruments!