ZDS Shifter

Almost here…

We’re still waiting for the final graphics to arrive, but otherwise, this is exactly what the finished Shifter will be.

In other news, the firmware is receiving its final tweaks and the software should be ready soon. There was a last-minute decision to move the interface into ZenEdit rather than require a separate install. Once all that’s done then it’ll be launch time!

6 thoughts on “Almost here…

    1. Hi Matthew. This initial model only has the two CC footswitches. You *could* use one for HH, if you only care if it’s open or closed. But being a momentary switch, there is no “in between”.
      I do have plans on the backburner to roll out a “pro” model further down the road, based on how well this initial model is received. It’s anticipated to have two 1/4″ inputs and also a third footswitch. Can’t promise anything, though I did leave room in the SysEx image for this expansion.

  1. Darin, since this has the powered midi out like the merge brick, how would you use this with the Stompblock? MIDI out to Stompblock or USB?

    1. The firmware of both units are identical when it comes to serial and usb midi, and the serial out doubles as a thru on both as well. So you can chain them in any order you desire.
      Personally I would plug the Zendrum into the Shifter first and then connect that to the STOMPBLOCK, so that you can process the midi before it gets there.
      Hope this answers your question, but holler if you have more 🙂

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