Zendrum does not receive zenedit info

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I can’t get my zendrum to receive my setup from zenedit, but the zenedit does receive setup from my zendrum. I have read the forums here and on zenedit but nothing works.
-I have M-audio Uno cable in to the zendrum mergebrick out and the Uno cable out to the zendrum midi in. And all the midi connections in zenedit are green and list the Uno as the device. (also Microsft GS wavetable whatever that is, but I don’t select that one)
-I am not going thru a sound module but straight to the zendrum from my Windows 7 laptop. (Do I need to connect to a sound module for editing?)
-I’ve tried with and without using Midi-ox (I know nothing about midi so I had a hard time with this tool)
-When I transmit in zenedit and cursor up in Er the little red light on zendrum does not light up.
-I’ve tried it on two different computers.
Any ideas? I’m not totally stupid, but am I missing something so basic that makes it not work? Does anyone know anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area that knows this stuff?