ZenEdit on Windows 10

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Currently running ZenEdit 2.7.0 on a Zendrumdrive with Windows 7. I’ve been hesitant to reconnect to the internet for fear that Windows 10 will try to automatically update my ZDD. With the free Windows 10 update due to expire in July, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should update the ZDD to Windows 10.

Question 1: Will ZenEdit work with Windows 10 (the download page only cites 7/8)?

Question 2: Native Instruments has stated on their website that Battery 3 is fully compatible with Windows 10. Has anyone experienced any issues with B3 when they upgraded to Windows 10?

Thank you in advance.

Multiple Computers

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I finally got my Z4 upgrade and I am looking at getting the Zen Edit program. My question is that I have both a laptop computer and a MacBook Pro. Can I download Zen Edit and install it on both computers without having to purchase it twice? Is it one download per computer?


Version 2.10.0 released (Mac OSX only)

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No new features are included in this fix.
Main difference between this and the previous version is that the low-level MIDI framework has been rewritten as a 64-bit binary in order to function in Adobe AIR 20 or greater.

ZenEdit for Windows remains at version 2.9.0 and is functionally equivalent to the 2.10.0 Mac version.

Troubles with Adobe AIR 20 (Mac OS only)

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There have been confirmed reports of the application failing to launch once Adobe AIR version 20 has been installed. These problems may or not persist when subsequently downgrading to a previous version (such as AIR 19).

The underlying issue seems to be the switch from 32 to a 64-bit only runtime environment in AIR 20. While the majority of ZenEdit works in either environment, the low-level MIDI functionality is compiled as a 32-bit shared object (SO) to function as an AIR runtime extension (ANE).

We are working on a fix involving moving the MIDI codebase over to a 64-bit compiler. This will likely mean that in the future we will only be supporting AIR 20 or higher on Mac OS.

The Windows version of ZenEdit does not appear to be impacted by these changes at this time.

All future information on this issue will be posted below.

More Instruments

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Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

I’ve used the wizard and initiated a configuration to use with BFD3. Then, I’ve moved things around, assigned different instruments to triggers, etc. The problem is this:

There are not enough instruments for my EXP.

There are five cymbals — that’s great, I’m using them.
There are six toms!
There is really only one HighHat — the sounds seem to be somewhat connected. This is fine, I can assign different modes to a couple of triggers – works fine.
There is also really only one Snare and Ride — same thing.
There is one kick.
And the real problem — there are only TWO percussion pieces listed.

So, I program six Toms, five cymbals, and use two triggers for hats and two for snares and two for kicks. I’m at 17 triggers. I want to add some bells, some hand-percussion, a couple different tambourines, blocks, shakers to other triggers, but even if I try to use some “unused” things (ride bell, tom rim, etc.), they are tied to whatever instrument I select in BFD3 for the primary instrument.

So, how can I add about 20 percussion pieces to the configuration so that I can assign instruments to them in BFD3?

problem saving set ups

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I’m trying to save different setups, like 16,then 15….in the same file, when I send to the zendrum, all 16 setups are the same……?
I’ve tried 1 set up at a time, but only the last one is on all 16 user setups……HELP?