Restomp 2.0 Released

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Restomp 2.0
The MIDI Conductor was overhauled for version 2.0 of Restomp

The latest version of Zendrum Studio’s Restomp application contains many fixes and improvements, largely around the MIDI Conductor feature.

Here’s a brief rundown of the changes in version 2

  • Improved recording. The conductor is smarter about transients and is better at capturing both short and long samples.
  • Improved RMS meter. The previous meter was based on peak volume. The new one is true RMS scaled across all frequencies.
  • Automatic trimming. Previously the conductor left the WAVs raw, assuming the importer would clean them up. Now it cleans them up during recording.
  • Record monitoring. You can now pipe the sampled sounds through your computer speakers
  • Filename templates. You can now configure the filenames, using metadata such as the velocity and note number.
  • Scrolling fixes. The MIDI Conductor and importing features now work better for smaller screens.
  • Audio panic. The pause/stop buttons when playing samples are now more responsive and instantenous.
  • Settings.  More of your settings in MIDI Conductor are saved between sessions.
  • Numerous other small bug fixes

For Mac users, the app will automatically update the next time you start it.  For Windows users, you can download the update at

Restomp update available

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Restomp version 1.5 is now available for download.
This version includes a correction to the Pan filter, and also adds new Delay and Phaser filters.

If you’re on macOS, the app should alert you of the update the next time you launch it. Windows users should download and install the update manually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Restomp is now available!

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Great news! The Restomp application is now available for purchase and download at!

Restomp is the perfect companion for your Zendrum Stompblock. It makes loading custom samples into your Stompblock a snap!

It also enables you to fully leverage the multi-bank capabilities of your Stompblock to double the available instruments!

You can now import ZenEdit mappings into the STOMPBLOCK client

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In preparation for the upcoming release of Restomp (the card editor for the STOMPBLOCK), the client application now supports importing ZenEdit map files.

While you’re working in Restomp and typing names for your samples, it’s building a ZenEdit map file behind the scenes. You can then later import this file into ZenEdit (and now the SB client too) so that the proper instrument names are displayed.

This feature was released in version 4.8 of the STOMPBLOCK client and is available right now. You’ll find the controls for managing map files on the main Settings tab.

Restomp Progress

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In case I forgot to mention it, the Restomp app is proving to be a real tricky beast!

Things are really starting to gel though, and you hopefully will be seeing a release before Spring!

Here’s a peek at the importer, with a handful of effects. There’ll be more in the final product.