Latest Chrome Breaks MIDI Support

Chrome version 66 has apparently broken the Web MIDI support that the Stompblock client relies on.

We are looking into workarounds for this issue, but if you depend on the interface, you might want to hold off updating Chrome for the time being.

I’ll post any further information as soon as it is available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

** UPDATE **
The latest version of Opera is still working. Although it uses Chromium under the hood, it’s still at version 65 and isn’t suffering from the issues that Chrome 66 has. Installing Opera is a viable workaround in the short term until we sort out what’s going on with Chrome, though if they release a newer version of Opera it’ll likely have the same issue.

** UPDATE2 **
A workaround is now in place and the client is working in Chrome 66 as of version 5.3

9 thoughts on “Latest Chrome Breaks MIDI Support

  1. Using Safari on MacBook 12 10.13.4, loading the editor brings up the “Your permission is required” warning, but then that alert can’t be dismissed, and no prompt to allow Zenedit ever comes up. I tried adding Zenedit to Settings>Security & Privacy>Privacy as an app allowed to control my computer, but that didn’t work. Is there a way to get this working with Safari so that I can avoid installing Chrome and apparently Opera, too, just to run the editor?

  2. Hello, could you please document your workaround? I’m dealing with the same issue for my MIDI app, would very much appreciate some guidance!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sean. What I found was omitting the timestamp on messages got things working again. Previously I was using `` for timestamps, but now I just pass zero.
      I’d thought maybe there’d been some change to the spec that dealt with timing and resolution, but I couldn’t locate anything. My apps don’t really need accurate timing as all my messages are synchronous, so it’s an acceptable solution in this case.

      Hope this helps,

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