Restomp 3.0 Beta Available

A beta build of Restomp 3.0 is now available available for download on macOS and Windows.
There’s plenty of fixes and new features in this build, with the most notable being:

  • Rebuilt MIDI Conductor. The setup and recording process has been streamlined. There are also controls now that let you preview, delete or redo individual layers, making it easier than ever to get the exact results you’re after.
  • Import from Conductor. You can now go straight from the MIDI Conductor to the import interface. A new ‘import’ button appears when the recording process is complete for your convenience.
  • Folder synchronizer. This new feature appears within the card editor. It allows you to copy “just the changes” from one folder or SDCard to another and it’s a huge time saver!
  • Help file. There’s now a help file included with Restomp that goes over each feature and the basic workflow.

While this release is labeled as “beta”, it’s pretty much exactly what the 3.0 release version will be. I’m releasing it this way in order to get more testing done. It can be installed alongside the existing v2.0 version without any issue.

One thought on “Restomp 3.0 Beta Available

  1. Not sure if you already saw this. There is a mistake in the Restomp Help function. The help text for the “Output Tab” looks like a copy of the text for the “Audio Tab”. BTW, the new version looks great. Can’t wait to play with it.

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