Restomp is an application for Windows and Mac, with the capability to edit Stompblock samples. Take control of your Zendrum Stompblock today!

Restomp makes it easy to manage your existing samples and to import new ones. It has two, simple to use interface modes for you to work with.

Manage Card Contents

The card management mode of Restomp lets you bring up the content of two cards or folders side-by-side. You can copy or move samples between cards, or rearrange samples within a single one. This mode also includes a mapping editor, so that you can build a ZenEdit compatible map file for use in itself or the Stompblock Editor.

Import Samples

With Restomp,  you can import your own samples into any of the available 256 instrument slots (spread across two banks). The importer makes adding samples as easy as dragging and dropping them. Whether you have a single file or a deeply sampled set, Restomp will effortlessly optimize them for the Stompblock. You can even add effects or panning!

Multiple Banks

Did you know your Stompblock supports two separate banks? Having two banks doubles the number of instruments you can access and Restomp makes it easy to manage them. In the Stompblock editor, simply set the MIDI channel for each bank and rock out!

MIDI Conductor

Restomp’s unique MIDI Conductor feature allows for automated sampling from any MIDI-capable audio source. Simply select the note number(s) you’re interested in and the number of velocity layers you’d like and Restomp will handle the rest! It will record and play the requested note at the appropriate velocity, listen for gaps and automatically slice up the resulting audio into WAV files for you!