ZDS Shifter

Shape of things to come

After going through a number of candidates, I’ve settled on using this aluminum case to house the Shifter; seen here with a Zendrum Merge Brick for size comparison:
The case is roughly the same width, slightly squatter and a bit wider than the Merge Brick. This feels like the right sweet spot when taking into account cost, internal volume, ruggedness and the need to accommodate two footswitches as low to the ground as possible.

It’s of course possible that the design will change before completion, but I feel confident stating that the final product will look something like this.

More updates soon.

6 thoughts on “Shape of things to come

    1. Thanks. No, they are completely separate projects. Stompbox is a sound enabled merge brick being developed jointly by Zendrum Corp. and Zendrum Studio.

  1. Would it be much trouble to increase the number of shift buttons? It would be really useful to be able to toggle quickly between several setups, not just back and forth between the original and one alternate. For example, I have six setups on my zendrum that I use frequently, but it requires a full stop, taking off my Axis so that I can see the LED and reach the buttons, and then mucking around with the program change to go to a new setup. If I had quick and direct access to each one, I could then use them as I please in real time. As I understand your shifter, it’s only going to allow quick toggling to one alternate configuration. How much expense and development time would it be to add more setups? I would think that once you have a functional unit with one button, it wouldn’t take a lot of work to replicate that same function a few times over on the same device.

    1. I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility for a future product, but no, that’s not something the Shifter will be able to do.
      Shifter is intended to supplement the existing User Setup mode of the Zendrum and is not a replacement. It’s effectively a real-time, momentary MIDI filter and therefore is limited to 128 static values.

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