ZDS Shifter


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Pre-announcing the ZDS Shifter — the world’s first dedicated Zendrum appliance and a real game changer!

Shifter will revolutionize your approach on the Zendrum and will truly take your performances to the next level.

So what exactly is Shifter?  Shifter is a drop-in replacement for your existing merge (power) brick. It’s slightly larger to accommodate two foot switches on top.  One of these is a latching (on/off) programmable switch that can be used toggle a CC message or the “shift” action. The second is a momentary switch dedicated to the “shift” action from which the ZDS Shifter gets its namesake.  This effectively allows you to double the number of triggers you have available to you!

How does the “shift” action work?  Imagine being able to change every note number on your Zendrum with the press of a button, like having a virtual, alternate layout that you can quickly switch back and forth from.  This is the power of the Shifter.  You program the Shifter in real-time over USB, providing a list of note number pairs to swap when the shift is enabled — add as few or as many as you want; the sky’s the limit!

Here’re some ideas to get you started:

  • Switch between snare hits and cross sticking.
  • Mute cymbals.
  • Add a set of high toms for epic roundhouse fills without gobbling up additional triggers.
  • Melodic performance?  Switch keys or octaves with the press of a button.
  • Switch between percussion sets.

The USB interface can also be used while performing, eliminating the need for any external MIDI/USB converters.
Depending on feedback, the Shifter might also have 1/4″ jacks for kick, hi-hat and additional CC controls.


Coming 2017

Watch ZDS Shifter progress!