Supported media formats for Restomp

Restomp is the card editor for the Zendrum Stompblock and is currently in development.

Please help us determine its specifications by taking a moment to answer this poll.

What file format(s) are you likely to require?

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9 thoughts on “Supported media formats for Restomp

  1. In future updates to the StompBlock, please consider adding a randomizer algorithm for samples within an instrument. This would include having the ability to group slightly different nuisanced samples of the same velocity together for randomization at that velocity level. Much like EZdrummer/Superior drummer and the BeatBuddy pedal do.

    1. If you have a 3.x version Stompblock then you already have access to both a velocity variance feature along with anti-machine gunning which perform those actions. They are located on the ‘settings’ screen in the UI.

      1. my firmware is 2.5. Is there not a way to update from the website via the usb connection or do I have to send it in for that?

    1. BFD uses a compressed, proprietary format called bfdlac. Every once in a while the topic of converting bfdlac to wav pops up in forums, so it’s possible such a tool exists out there on the interwebs.

      At the time of this writing, Restomp only imports wav files.

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